More Than Skin Deep


Q: Are you a prostitute? Can I pay you for sex? How much does it cost for sex? (or any other question similar to this)

A: NO!

Q: Do you make custom fetish and porn videos or photo galleries?

A: I am officially retired. I only work with people I know and trust, if at all. However, for the right price, I will consider making a custom video IF I like the video or photoshoot idea and can re-sell it in my own store, too. Customs START at a $500 minimum.

Q: I’m a photographer/videographer/etc. I’d love to do a shoot with you. What are your rates? Do you do trades?

A: Thank you, but I am retired from the industry. I only shoot with people I already know and trust. No one new. Definitely not for trades, either.

Q: I love your ink! Have you considered being a tattoo model?

A: Yes. And you aren’t the first person who has said I should be a Suicide Girl, either. If you work for a tattoo magazine and can arrange to get me featured in it, cool. Please contact me. I’m interested. Otherwise, no. It’s worth repeating. I’m retired from modeling.

Q: I know you. I’ve worked with (or dated) you in the past. I’m wondering if you will be writing about me in your book or on your blog. If so, will you be using my name?

A: No. Unless someone has explicitly given me permission and signed a release, I will be changing everyone’s names in my book to protect their anonymity. However, if you want me to use your name, for publicity purposes, I’d be happy to. I’ll need to have you sign a release form. Please contact me if you’re interested in doing that.

Q: I know your legal name. You are easy to find online, especially with those easy to recognize tattoos. Aren’t you worried about getting found out?

A: No. I’m not hiding anything. Rexi West is not a pseudonym or stage name. I (we) suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. I’m a separate, distinct identity, completely different from the personality who holds the “legal name.” We just so happen to share a body. I am very open about my mental health, so if people I know come across this, it will not be a surprise to them. So, no. I’m not afraid of “getting found out.” No one with mental health disorders should have to hide in the shadows.

Q: Can I commission you for custom art?

A: No. What you see is what you get. The most I will consider is a general themed piece, as opposed to a custom piece. For example, I would be more inclined to make a piece with the general parameters of “BDSM themed” as opposed to being sent a picture and given a detailed description of what you want me to create.